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I’ve always loved helping others, and what better subject to teach then the fine art of materntiy photography. I have been shooting materntiy for a few years now and I would love to share my knowledge and passion with you!

Being a materntiy photographer is such an honor, seriously you are literally invited into peoples lives to capture their beautiful moments of pregnancy, which can be very personal and intimate for alot of women. My teachers and mentors over the years have changed the way I see the world through my lens and now I would LOVE to share the knowledge and skills that have lead me to where I am today!

Mentoring topics


Mentoring topics can include:

  1. How to shoot in manual mode.
  2. Improve your editing in lightroom and photoshop. 
  3. How to shoot in natural light and create beautiful stunning images.
  4. How to pose a maternity mom, couples and children.
  5. Wardrobe styling, materntiy topics, 1 on 1 shotting sessions with models.



Take a look at some of my top photos from the Maternity workshop I attended in Colorado Springs, CO 

Mentoring Pricing & Info

Mentoring begins at $99. For more details on packages and to find out more about my services, please inquire with me.

Contact Me

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If you’re interested in working with me, the best way to reach me is by sending an e-mail to Charly@charlyjoannephotography.com. If you’ve filled out the form and haven’t heard from me in a few days, please email me directly.